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About Risberg Import


Risberg Import AB is a 42 years old (Est. 1976) independent private own company that supplies the Scandinavian market with authentic original spicy food products (sauces, marinades, dressings, BBQ products, flavored natural oils, chili paste, dry chili, coconut products, seasonings and noodles) from different parts of Asia, New Orleans in USA and from Brazil in South America.

42 years ago we started too built up Risberg Import Brand which today stands for high quality and great taste.

During the celebrating year 2016 when the company turned 40 years old our warm thanks go out to all our employees, clients, consumers, chefs, partners and suppliers for their great dedication and fantastic commitments to our products during all these years.

Risberg Import AB operates today from a modern distribution facility of 16.200 sq.ft. (1500 m2) located in Huddinge 15 km south of central Stockholm

(45 minutes from Arlanda airport).


Risberg Import Quality Rules

Original products with original taste

Premium quality and smart packing

Safe ingredients approved by EFSA and BRC

Never out of stock 98 % delivery dependability

Quick deliveries all over Sweden

None GMO policy with all imported products

Swedish labels or stickers on all items

Specifications on all products from all manufacturers

Supplier audits and batch documentation

Code of Conduct & Ethical Trading with all suppliers


As well as supplying a range of key ingredients and sauces under our own Risberg label, we are the distributor in Sweden for a number of leading Oriental & American brands which include: Chalice - Chef Paul - Flower Brand - Woody’s - Koningsvogel - MeZap - Lee Kum Kee – Rajah – Bulliard's - Sakura - Tony Chacheres - Try Me - Samlip - Kookje Foods - Renuka - Squid Brand - Nellie & Joe's - Luzienne - CJ Annie Chun's - Max


During 2019 we will import around 140 containers with food products from following countries:

Brazil - China - England - Greece - Holland - India - Indonesia - Japan - Korea - Malaysia - Singapore - Sri Lanka - Thailand  - USA - Vietnam.

If you are a manufacturer or a brand owner in our trade (sauces, marinades, BBQ, dressings flavored natural oils, chili paste, coconut products, seasonings or noodles) and are looking for a new distributor in Sweden that can cover all segments of client (retail, restaurants, food manufacturers) on the Swedish market then please feel free contact us by sending a e-mail info(a)risbergimport.se


Categories of clients and distribution chain

Risberg Import AB comprises in 4 main businesses: Restaurant wholsalers- Retail - Food industry - Export.


Our clients in this segment are Swedish restaurant wholesalers that distribute our products to restaurants all over Sweden.

The distribution on the Swedish market is controlled by 3 giant restaurant wholesalers that sell food products to 85 % of all restaurants in Sweden.

Risberg Import AB is an approved primary supplier to these giant wholesaler and have been so since 1976. Due to agreement with our restaurant wholesaler we don’t supply our products direct to restaurants = all our restaurant products can only be bought thru some of our distributors (that can be found on the restaurant page).


In this segment Risberg Import AB have two categories of retail clients. Retail category 1, central distribution” to warehouse for big supermarket chains (ICA, Coop and Axfood) were we supply full pallet loads of listed and approved products selected from our range to the central warehouse at each retail chain and then the retailer themselves distribute out our products to stores all over Sweden, from south to north. Risberg Import AB has been an approved primary supplier to these 3 big retail supermarket chains (ICA, COOP, Axfood) since 2003.

And then we have retail category 2 that we call, “direct distribution” to stores and that is all supermarkets from all chains in Sweden that wants to buy non listed products from our wide range that we then supply direct from our warehouse to the stores all over of Sweden.

The Swedish retail market is dominated by 3 giant supermarket chains (3500 stores) that controls about 87,1 % of the whole retail market in Sweden.  They are ICA with 50 %, then Coop 21,3 %, Axfood 15,8 % and then the independent stores with 12,9 % of the total retail market. Retail sales for all categories in Sweden is traded for around 228 billion SEK/34 billion US$ in 2015.

Risberg Import AB is certified for the standard “IP Livsmedel utgåva 2012:1” bye Sigill Kvalitetssystem AB for handling of wholesaling, importing and selling groceries to the Swedish retail system. Certificate No. 181408066 valid from 2018-05-12 until 2019-05-22.

Food Industry

Since 1995 Risberg Import has been supplying various big Swedish food industry clients with different types of condiments, sauces, oils, liquid smoke, chutneys and chili paste in special packing from 10 kg up to 1050 kg bag in box. Today the list with clients is long and even reached outside Sweden to food manufacturers in Norway and Denmark.


Risberg Import also distributes some brands to Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Spain and Germany.


Ethical Trading and Code of Conduct (Risbergs 的行為守則)

Risberg Import AB require all suppliers/manufacturers to comply with all local, national and international laws, in the areas of working hours and conditions, safety and hygienic, rates of living wages, no inhuman treatment, no discrimination, terms of employment and minimum age of employment. Risberg Import AB also requires that all our supplier/manufacturer comply and sign our “Code of Conduct” document below in order to become a certified supplier/partner.

Risberg Import "Code of Conduct" (PDF)      Risberg Import "Uppförandekod 2012" (PDF)


Risberg Import Headquarter

Warehouse facility of 10800 sq.ft. (1500 kvm)

Risberg Import AB
Dalhemsvägen 35
SE-141 46 Huddinge

Phone +46-(0)8-608 17 00
Fax +46-(0)8-607 17 10
E-mail info@risbergimport.se

Triple AAA rated by

In Sweden (2018) there is around 312,000 limited companies and out of them ONLY 1,500 have the Triple AAA credit rating.

(AAA = credit risk almost zero) Risberg Import AB is one of those 1,500 companies that are Triple AAA rated and have been that for more than 18 years.


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